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Changing Your Diet One Forkful at a Time

The best diet advice always seems to underscore the importance of making simple, small changes in order to have lasting effects. Because many cases of hemorrhoids can be relieved with at-home treatments and lifestyle changes, such as implementing a high-fiber diet, it is important to take steps to improving your diet when you are trying to combat or prevent hemorrhoids. According to … Continue reading »

Fiber-Rich Diets Help Reduce, Eliminate Hemorrhoids

Need another reason to get more nutritious fiber into your diet? How about reducing the chance of getting hemorrhoids, or helping to rid of them quicker if you’re suffering? A diet with plenty of fiber and water means that you’ll have softer stools, which are easier to pass. That, in turn, means less pressure on hemorrhoids if you’ve got them, … Continue reading »

What You Eat Affects Hemorrhoid Development — Or Lack Thereof

Chalk up another reason to maintain a healthy diet: avoiding hemorrhoids! If your idea of nutritional balance is offsetting three candy bars with a diet soda, you’re just asking for trouble when it comes to digestion. And that means, down the road, you’re more likely to develop hemorrhoids. An unhealthy diet can lead to constipation, and the straining and stretching … Continue reading »