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Babies and Hemorrhoids

Anticipating a baby is one of life’s greatest joys. What is not so joyful are the hemorrhoids that often accompany pregnancy. Hemorrhoids are swollen blood vessels in the anal and rectal area that can become itchy and inflamed because of poor circulation and increased pressure from the uterus. Hemorrhoids often appear in the third trimester when blood vessels around the … Continue reading »

Your Heart and Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are just one of many types of blood vessel blockages.  Blood collects in the veins and is not returned to the heart because of vascular weakness or an obstruction.  Pregnancy, obesity, inactivity, constipation and a weak vascular system are all common causes of hemorrhoids.  Sometimes, in the case of pregnancy for example, the symptoms will eventually subside and the … Continue reading »

Pregnancy & Hemorrhoids: What You Should Know

Expectant mothers go through a lot of physical changes during their pregnancy, and how they digest food is certainly a big part of that. Hemorrhoids are a common complaint for pregnant women. As the uterus expands during the pregnancy, the stomach is compressed into a tighter space, along with the intestinal tract and colon. That means that there’s less room … Continue reading »

Taking Advantage of Women’s Health Month

Mothers, sisters, daughters – most everyone has a woman in their life that’s important to them. That’s why we celebrate National Women’s Health this month, in order to encourage our female loved ones to stay on top of their colon health. Hemorrhoids and other digestive issues affect millions of Americans. Women who stay informed have a better chance of managing, … Continue reading »

Knowing Triggers Can Help Prevent Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

Pregnancy comes with all sorts of surprises, some of which are not pleasant. For many women, hemorrhoids are at the top of that list. Developing hemorrhoids is a common experience for many pregnant women, especially during the third trimester. There are several reasons for this: Decreased blood flow to/from the lower body. The growing uterus puts pressure on veins in … Continue reading »

Expectant Mothers Can Expect Hemorrhoids

Pregnancy can be a beautiful time for many women, but with pregnancy comes some bothersome symptoms, from swollen ankles to frequent trips to the restroom. Pesky varicose veins are another symptom of pregnancy, ranging from swollen veins that pop out along the ankles to inflamed veins in the anus or rectum, called hemorrhoids. During pregnancy, the pressure of the fetus, … Continue reading »