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The Many Benefits of Advocacy

Whether it’s buying a car, choosing the healthiest breakfast cereal or being up to date on the latest healthcare news, the old saying is true: An informed consumer is a smart consumer. Being an advocate means nipping problems in the bud. When it comes to healthcare, that means not being afraid to seek out medical attention. Many people are skipping … Continue reading »

Stress & Hemorrhoids – How One Can Cause The Other

If you’re in a stressed-out place, you may have a lot going on physically. Headaches and muscle tension are commonplace, and definitely an upset stomach factors in there as well. Most of us get a knotted-up stomach as the first sign of building stress, and that’s not surprising. Why? Well, your gut is full of sensitive nerves, just like your … Continue reading »

Quit Smoking: Your GI System Will Thank You For It

When it comes to smoking cessation, all the talk is usually about heart and lung health. And while that’s with good reason, it’s worth mentioning that the rest of your body will benefit as well. Consider your gastrointestinal system. Smoke doesn’t confine itself to your lungs, but also works its way into the digestive tract. Secondhand smoke and exposure has … Continue reading »