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Botox Isn’t Just For Your Face Any More

You normally don’t hear about Botox and hemorrhoids at the same time. But if you’re scheduled for hemorrhoid surgery, you might want to ask about how this beauty treatment can boost your recovery. Turns out that Botox, in addition to smoothing out wrinkles and laugh lines, can greatly ease the pain following a hemorrhoidectomy. According to research presented to the … Continue reading »

Specialists Offer Quick, Easy Hemorrhoid-Removal Procedures

Tried every over-the-counter cream and ointment for hemorrhoids, with little or no results? Also run through the gamut of prescription salves? Then it may be time for you to consider a surgical procedure to quickly, easily get rid of the problem. There are now many procedures available to remove hemorrhoids, and most can be done in an outpatient setting. That … Continue reading »

Hemorrhoid Treatments Vary, So Explore Your Options

If you’ve decided to do something about a hemorrhoid problem in 2012, good for you! There are plenty of options for treatment and removal, so now’s a great time to dig into the facts and see what’s right for you. Here’s some good news right off the bat: for many people, getting rid of hemorrhoid symptoms only means some changes … Continue reading »

Is Surgery Right For You?

If you suffer from recurring hemorrhoids or they cause severe pain or bleeding, it may be time to consider more than an over-the-counter option for relief. Several non-invasive treatment options are available to treat hemorrhoids, and many are outpatient procedures that will have you home in the same day. According to the Mayo Clinic, your doctor may suggest one of … Continue reading »