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Probiotics can offer digestive health benefits

Could yogurt help prevent your gastrointestinal discomfort? Probiotics are the bacteria found in certain stomach-happy foods such as yogurt. They help minimize bad bacteria and promote digestive health. When the digestive tract does not have enough of these good bacteria, diarrhea or cramping may result. The lack of probiotics is often caused by the consumption of an antibiotic used to … Continue reading »

Clean Out Your Pantry To Help Stop Hemorrhoids

Want to kick start a healthier lifestyle? Start by cleaning out your pantry! Swapping foods with little nutritional value for high-fiber options will keep your digestive tract, as well as the rest of your body, healthy and happy. Overeating is a major cause of hemorrhoids, which makes cleaning out your pantry an important task. If it’s typically full of foods … Continue reading »

Changing Behaviors Can Help Reduce Risk of Hemorrhoids

We hear it all the time: If you want to avoid hemorrhoids, pay attention to diet and exercise. But overdoing the good stuff could also lead hemorrhoids. Many people might only consider themselves overeaters only when indulging on unhealthy, junk food. But, even a plate filled with the most nutritious foods can be harmful if eaten in abundance, causing all … Continue reading »

Heal Hemorrhoids Faster With Proper Diet

When someone says, “You are what you eat,” they’re really not kidding. That’s especially true when you consider how a good diet can help prevent, and maybe even eliminate, hemorrhoids. Proper nutrition goes a long way towards keeping us healthy. That begins with a digestive system that’s working smoothly and effectively. And while a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and … Continue reading »

Pushing Away From The Table Can Help Avoid Hemorrhoids

Need another reason to lose weight? How about avoiding hemorrhoids? If you’re eating more than you should, you’re causing all sorts of chaos in your body. The digestive system has to work harder, and work more consistently, because of the extra food it has to process. That, in turn, means that your body is producing more waste, which makes your … Continue reading »

Smooth Digestive Process Helps Avoid Hemorrhoid Development

One of the many reasons for sticking to a balanced diet has nothing to do with what goes into your body, but what comes out. Too much fried or fatty food, or processed junk food in general, can lead to digestive upset. And whether that’s heartburn or gas, or worse problems such as constipation or diarrhea, the end result is … Continue reading »