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Probiotics can offer digestive health benefits

Could yogurt help prevent your gastrointestinal discomfort? Probiotics are the bacteria found in certain stomach-happy foods such as yogurt. They help minimize bad bacteria and promote digestive health. When the digestive tract does not have enough of these good bacteria, diarrhea or cramping may result. The lack of probiotics is often caused by the consumption of an antibiotic used to … Continue reading »

Diet Tea May Affect Digestive Issues

Before you take another sip, you might want to check your tea’s label. There are a variety of dieter’s teas out there that, although natural, can aggravate or spur your hemorrhoid issues. This is due to a reaction to certain laxative and diuretic herbs often present in diet teas. Cascara sagrada is one laxative herb commonly found in many diet … Continue reading »

Healthy Seeds Are Good Source of Fiber

No longer just for planting, seeds are a great way to get your daily-recommended amount of fiber. Fiber intake is crucial to digestion and maintaining a soft stool, making seeds a viable addition to most diets. A few fiber-rich seeds to consider: Hemp seeds are full of fatty acids and easy to digest without causing bloating. They also help you … Continue reading »

Yogurt With Antibiotics Helps Avoid Diarrhea

Are you worried about your colon after experiencing diarrhea from a prescribed antibiotic? This can occur from the drug’s attempt to eliminate bad bacteria. In the process, good bacteria that assist in colon health may also be killed, resulting in diarrhea. Unfortunately, one in three people suffer from this reaction. The good news is a new study has shown that … Continue reading »

Wheat and Digestion

When you’re shopping at the grocery store, you may choose food items made with wheat since they seem to be the healthier option. While it’s true that eating wheat can help digestion stay on track by bulking waste up and moving it along, too much wheat can be the culprit behind hemorrhoids and other digestive woes for some. Wheat contains … Continue reading »

Stress & Hemorrhoids – How One Can Cause The Other

If you’re in a stressed-out place, you may have a lot going on physically. Headaches and muscle tension are commonplace, and definitely an upset stomach factors in there as well. Most of us get a knotted-up stomach as the first sign of building stress, and that’s not surprising. Why? Well, your gut is full of sensitive nerves, just like your … Continue reading »

Coffee Found To Have More Soluble Fiber Than OJ

Java hounds, rejoice! It appears that there’s dietary fiber in coffee. Spanish researchers have found that after grinding, coffee beans still have soluble dietary fiber in them, and that makes its way into your cup of Joe every morning. This type of fiber dissolves in water, and helps prevent cholesterol absorption by the intestines, so this is good news indeed. … Continue reading »

Changing Behaviors Can Help Reduce Risk of Hemorrhoids

We hear it all the time: If you want to avoid hemorrhoids, pay attention to diet and exercise. But overdoing the good stuff could also lead hemorrhoids. Many people might only consider themselves overeaters only when indulging on unhealthy, junk food. But, even a plate filled with the most nutritious foods can be harmful if eaten in abundance, causing all … Continue reading »

African Americans Should Stay Alert to Hemorrhoid Risks

While hemorrhoids don’t respect racial boundaries, they are of special concern to African Americans due to conditions and diseases that are prevalent in this community. Anything that disrupts a smooth and regular digestive process can lead to erratic bowel movements and the development of hemorrhoids. One major issue in this regard is lactose intolerance, or the inability to properly digest … Continue reading »

Heal Hemorrhoids Faster With Proper Diet

When someone says, “You are what you eat,” they’re really not kidding. That’s especially true when you consider how a good diet can help prevent, and maybe even eliminate, hemorrhoids. Proper nutrition goes a long way towards keeping us healthy. That begins with a digestive system that’s working smoothly and effectively. And while a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and … Continue reading »