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Could gene mutation be responsible for multiple colon polyps in some people?

If you have a family history of colon disease, or even colon cancer, certain genes may be the culprits. A new study from a team at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston found that two “germline mutations,” DNA changes that are passed from parent to child, might cause multiple colorectal polyps. The findings may help determine who would benefit from … Continue reading »

The Many Benefits of Advocacy

Whether it’s buying a car, choosing the healthiest breakfast cereal or being up to date on the latest healthcare news, the old saying is true: An informed consumer is a smart consumer. Being an advocate means nipping problems in the bud. When it comes to healthcare, that means not being afraid to seek out medical attention. Many people are skipping … Continue reading »

Blood-Pressure Med Symptoms Mimic Celiac Disease

A report from the Mayo Clinic suggests that omesartan, a medication for high blood pressure, can cause symptoms that mimic celiac disease. The news is important because Benicar, the name the drug is sold under, is heavily prescribed. The patients who developed the problem were all older, and saw their conditions improve after they stopped taking the drug. They also … Continue reading »

Study Shows Benefits, Drawbacks of CT Scans For Colon Cancer

A recent study suggests that CT scans could be beneficial as an initial colon screening for patients who are hesitant about undergoing a colonoscopy. According to the American College of Radiology, CT scans, or virtual colonoscopies, were able to detect most large polyps, but were much less efficient in catching smaller polyps. The good news is that small polyps (under … Continue reading »

Anatomy of a Colon

There’s tons of chatter about digestive issues like heartburn, intestinal gas and constipation – but do we really know how our digestive systems function? We monitor what we eat and what we drink, but the scientific facts and figures tend to get shoved under the rug. In order to learn the facts about digestion, it’s crucial to know how our … Continue reading »

Preventing Polyps Differs From Avoiding Hemorrhoids

Because hemorrhoids and colon polyps share similarities, it’s important to know the facts. Colon polyps rarely exhibit symptoms, but when they do, they are similar to the signs of hemorrhoids. If you experience rectal bleeding or constipation, think twice before chalking it up to hemorrhoids. The shape and size of the growth is also relevant when deciphering between hemorrhoids and colon … Continue reading »

Polyp or Hemorrhoid? How To Tell The Difference

If rectal pain or bleeding occurs, many people chalk it up to hemorrhoids. But should you be so quick to judge? While hemorrhoid symptoms seem obvious, it is a lesser-known fact that colon polyps share some of the same signs. While hemorrhoids are never flat, polyps can appear as either flat or raised growths in the large intestine. They rarely … Continue reading »

March Is Colon Cancer Awareness Month

Celebrating colon cancer awareness in March might not be on the top of your list of things to do, but the conditions that your hemorrhoids stem from might also be increasing your chances for colon cancer. While you might think that hemorrhoids are the only condition stemming from your obesity or sedentary lifestyle, you could be mistaken. Obesity and a … Continue reading »