Exercising As A Couple

We’ve all heard the saying “two is better than one” in reference to a task, but could it be true for exercising as well? Your digestive system, along with the rest of your body, benefits from exercise, so it’s important to find a routine that works for you. Finding motivation to workout on your own can be a challenge, but … Continue reading »

No Guts, No Glory

Your gut may be good for instincts, but it may also be an indicator of poor digestive health. Dr. Steven Lamm’s new book “No Guts, No Glory” expands on this idea by providing insight and solutions to boost your digestive health. Along the way, you may lessen your chances of developing hemorrhoids. Dr. Lamm believes “No Guts, No Glory” hitting … Continue reading »

Pistachios Aid Digestion

You’ve probably heard pistachios are good for you, but did you know they could aid in colon health as well? Recent research has shown green-tinged nuts (such as pistachios) to be aids in growing the bacteria you need to better digest food. And the better your digestive system is working, the less likely you are to develop hemorrhoids. The bacteria … Continue reading »

Coping With Chronic Constipation

Chronic constipation is no walk in the park, and neither are hemorrhoids that develop because of the condition. How much do you know about constipation and what can you do to prevent it and hemorrhoids? Read on if you want to know more. Constipation means having less than two to three bowel movements per week. False. Constipation means different things … Continue reading »

Caffeine and Hemorrhoids

If you’re experiencing a case of hemorrhoids that won’t go away, that daily cup of Joe may be the culprit. Diet adjustments are a large component of hemorrhoid prevention and management. Although it may mean giving up your favorite beverage, your colon health may benefit from eliminating caffeine. Because constipation causes straining during bowel movements, hemorrhoids can occur. It is … Continue reading »

Fear of Embarrassment

When it comes to discussing your health, there’s no doubt that hemorrhoids are an uncomfortable subject. Most people don’t look forward to describing the shape, look or feel of their hemorrhoids – even in the privacy of a doctor’s office. According to the Mayo Clinic, about half of adults experience anal itching, discomfort or bleeding as a result of hemorrhoids. … Continue reading »

Wheat and Digestion

When you’re shopping at the grocery store, you may choose food items made with wheat since they seem to be the healthier option. While it’s true that eating wheat can help digestion stay on track by bulking waste up and moving it along, too much wheat can be the culprit behind hemorrhoids and other digestive woes for some. Wheat contains … Continue reading »

Celebrate Colon Cancer Survivors

It’s time to celebrate those who have fought the battle against cancer and won. June 3 was National Cancer Survivor Day, so take a moment to honor those who have overcome the second-leading cause of death in the United States. Among all cancers, colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer when sexes are combined and third deadliest when men and … Continue reading »

Socioeconomics Affect Hemorrhoid Treatment Choices

In a perfect world, everyone would be able to afford the best health care. But today many people are unable to get the treatment they need for digestive issues, including hemorrhoids, due to their socioeconomic situation – income, insurance coverage and proximity to treatment centers. The good news is that many home remedies and over-the-counter medications are available that are … Continue reading »

Know Your Hemorrhoid Risks

No matter how much you hope to avoid hemorrhoids, chances are you’ll experience them at one point or another. Hemorrhoids, swollen and inflamed veins in the anus or rectum, will affect nearly half of American adults by the time they turn 50. But you can stay a step ahead by understanding your risk factors and taking preventative steps. Risk factors … Continue reading »