Changing Behaviors Can Help Reduce Risk of Hemorrhoids

We hear it all the time: If you want to avoid hemorrhoids, pay attention to diet and exercise. But overdoing the good stuff could also lead hemorrhoids. Many people might only consider themselves overeaters only when indulging on unhealthy, junk food. But, even a plate filled with the most nutritious foods can be harmful if eaten in abundance, causing all … Continue reading »

Presidential Concern: Hemorrhoids

Sometimes a well-known celebrity chooses to make his or her illness public, and that often helps boost awareness of the problem. And when that person is the president of the United States, the public-information frenzy that follows can literally help thousands of lives. Hemorrhoids got that kind of high-profile exposure thanks to President Jimmy Carter. During his presidency, the White … Continue reading »

Steps To Reduce Hemorrhoid Risk

Even though half of us will have had hemorrhoids by the time we turn 50, there are ways to lesson the odds. There are some concrete steps to take to reduce your risk, and most of them will do much to improve your overall health as well. They include: Eating a diet high in fiber, which promotes smoother, more regular … Continue reading »

Hemorrhoids & Heartburn: Is There A Connection?

Heartburn is never any fun, but if you don’t give it the time and attention it deserves, it could turn back up on the backside of the digestive process in the form of hemorrhoids. Treating heartburn properly is just as important as recognizing the condition, however. If you find that jalapeno nachos are more trouble than they’re worth, then cut … Continue reading »

Heart Health Can Mean A Hemorrhoid-Free Future

February is American Heart Month, and the steps you take to make your ticker healthier might also help you stave off hemorrhoids as well! Exercise and diet are two major factors that affect digestive health. In fact, a team of French physicians found that moderate exercise, which they defined as broadly as taking a brisk 30-minute walk five times a week … Continue reading »

Specialists Offer Quick, Easy Hemorrhoid-Removal Procedures

Tried every over-the-counter cream and ointment for hemorrhoids, with little or no results? Also run through the gamut of prescription salves? Then it may be time for you to consider a surgical procedure to quickly, easily get rid of the problem. There are now many procedures available to remove hemorrhoids, and most can be done in an outpatient setting. That … Continue reading »

Diagnosing Hemorrhoids At Home: A Symptoms Checklist

If you’ve ever had hemorrhoids, you may know that they can burn and itch, but not much else. In case you haven’t experienced those specific symptoms,here are a few more that will help you give yourself a more accurate diagnosis: Do you have burning, itching or irritation in the anal area? Is there bright red blood on the toilet tissue, … Continue reading »

African Americans Should Stay Alert to Hemorrhoid Risks

While hemorrhoids don’t respect racial boundaries, they are of special concern to African Americans due to conditions and diseases that are prevalent in this community. Anything that disrupts a smooth and regular digestive process can lead to erratic bowel movements and the development of hemorrhoids. One major issue in this regard is lactose intolerance, or the inability to properly digest … Continue reading »

Monitor Your Use of OTC Remedies For Best Results

There’s not much of a bright side when it comes to dealing with hemorrhoids, but at least there are remedies readily available at your local pharmacy. The best over-the-counter (OTC) treatments protect the skin, so try using topical creams that contain zinc oxide or petroleum jelly. Other good ointments to try contain one percent hydrocortisone, which can relieve inflammation and … Continue reading »

Heal Hemorrhoids Faster With Proper Diet

When someone says, “You are what you eat,” they’re really not kidding. That’s especially true when you consider how a good diet can help prevent, and maybe even eliminate, hemorrhoids. Proper nutrition goes a long way towards keeping us healthy. That begins with a digestive system that’s working smoothly and effectively. And while a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and … Continue reading »