Clean Out Your Pantry To Help Stop Hemorrhoids

Want to kick start a healthier lifestyle? Start by cleaning out your pantry! Swapping foods with little nutritional value for high-fiber options will keep your digestive tract, as well as the rest of your body, healthy and happy. Overeating is a major cause of hemorrhoids, which makes cleaning out your pantry an important task. If it’s typically full of foods … Continue reading »

Avoiding Hemorrhoids Takes More Than Luck

Digestion is different for each and every person, so how do we know what’s considered “regular?” Listening to what our own bodies are saying is key to decipher what’s regular or irregular for us. For instance, the frequency of bowel movements decreases as we get older, and how often we go really varies: 95 percent of adults have between three … Continue reading »

Aging Can Up Your Risk For Hemorrhoids

While it’s true that about half of us have dealt with hemorrhoids by the time we’re 50, what about ages 51 and beyond? Unfortunately, the risks go up just as the candles on our birthday cakes multiply. Why is this? In large part it’s because as we age, our connective tissue becomes weaker. That’s definitely true of the tissues that … Continue reading »

Don’t Be A Statistic: Easy Ways to Prevent Hemorrhoids

Usually when half of us have had a common experience, we will talk about it. That’s certainly not the case with hemorrhoids, however. Yep, at least 50 percent of all Americans have had hemorrhoids by the time they turn 50. But because we may not understand how we’ve gotten them, we’re often unsure how to prevent a recurrence or, better … Continue reading »

Tired of Hemorrhoids? Try Changing Your Diet

Unsure of what to eat when you have hemorrhoids? While there is no guarantee for hemorrhoid elimination, there are dietary changes you can make to prevent or reduce the likelihood of their return. Fruits and vegetables. In addition to providing plenty of nutrients, many fruits and vegetables contain fiber that aids digestion. Try adding fiber-rich items like raspberries, pears, broccoli … Continue reading »

“Stars Go Blue” Benefit Boosts Colon Cancer Awareness

Hot on the heels of Dress In Blue Day, Stars Go Blue tuned up awareness of colon cancer. The annual concert, which was held on March 6 at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville, always features some of Nashville’s best and brightest stars. The 2012 lineup included Exile with special guest Trace Adkins. Now in its … Continue reading »

Are Hemorrhoids and Colon Cancer Connected?

Hemorrhoids are typically not dangerous, but could some of their symptoms be related to colon cancer? Many people assume rectal bleeding occurs due to hemorrhoids, but there’s a chance it could be more serious. If you experience rectal bleeding, think twice before chalking it up to hemorrhoids. In order to gain control of your colon health, knowledge is power. Getting … Continue reading »

March Is Colon Cancer Awareness Month

Celebrating colon cancer awareness in March might not be on the top of your list of things to do, but the conditions that your hemorrhoids stem from might also be increasing your chances for colon cancer. While you might think that hemorrhoids are the only condition stemming from your obesity or sedentary lifestyle, you could be mistaken. Obesity and a … Continue reading »

How to Help Family Members Schedule, Receive A Colonoscopy

If you’ve been after a friend or loved one to do something about a first-time or recurrent hemorrhoid problem, don’t think your job is done once they’ve made their doctor’s appointment. There are a few things to keep in mind to help you be a supportive coach during the entire process. Before the doctor’s visit, for instance, you can help … Continue reading »

Is Fiber The Key To A Hemorrhoid-Free Life?

Eating more fiber is a proven way to reduce your risk of hemorrhoids, not to mention helping your entire digestive system and overall health in general. But sometimes fiber isn’t enough. According to the National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse, high-fiber foods include Beans Whole grains and bran cereals Fresh fruits Vegetables like asparagus, cabbage and carrots But it’s important to … Continue reading »