Hemorrhoid sclerotherapy consists of injecting a chemical into the base of the hemorrhoid, which then hardens the tissue. The scarring produced from the procedure causes the vein to collapse and eventually shrivel and harden. The resulting scar will also act to reinforce the anus wall, minimizing the chance that the hemorrhoid will recur. This is the same technology used to treat spider or varicose veins.

What to Expect

This is a less invasive procedure than having a hemorrhoid surgically removed. Performed as an outpatient procedure, the doctor will apply a topical anesthetic to reduce any pain or discomfort. The patient will lie on their side and the doctor will insert a lighted tube into the anal canal to illuminate the hemorrhoid to be injected. The doctor will then inject the chemical into the base of the hemorrhoid, causing it to collapse, shrivel and harden within about a week.

How to Prepare

Typically, the patient is required to produce a bowel movement prior to the procedure. Afterwards, the patient can be sent home the same day if there isn’t immediate bleeding. Mild aching and discomfort is common, but the doctor will advise any pain medicines to take that do not cause constipation. The doctor may also prescribe a lubricant suppository and a stool softener post-procedure.