Men and Hemorrhoids

HH menMen and women alike can get hemorrhoids, but they often develop hemorrhoids for different reasons. Women often suffer from hemorrhoids during pregnancy, and sometimes the condition goes away after the baby is born. Men, on the other hand, commonly develop hemorrhoids because they are more likely to engage in heavy lifting and strenuous activity. Men also are more likely to use weightlifting as a form of exercise and staying in shape. About half of all men between 45 and 65 have suffered from hemorrhoids at some point in their lives.

Lifting, straining and improper breathing are some of the most common causes of hemorrhoids in men. In the case of lifting a heavy object, exertion may cause you to push downward and causes added pressure on the rectum and anus. Over time, the rectal vessels become swollen, enlarged and painful and internal and external hemorrhoids can develop.

Men also are huge culprits for eating unhealthy. Many of us know men who love their game food such as nachos, burgers, chips and beer, but none of these foods are rich in fiber. Most men need to add more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds to their diet. Game food is fine in moderation, but fiber is essential for regular bowel movements. Men also characteristically consume more red meat and fast food than women, and this can lead to constipation and other intestinal and bowel problems.

Equally important to eating right is staying adequately hydrated, and men often forget to drink water. Carrying around a water bottle is much more common with women, but men need to stay hydrated especially if they work outside or do manual labor.

Here are some tips for men to avoid hemorrhoids:

  • Avoid holding your breath when you lift heavy objects or weights.
  • Do not push downward when you pick up something heavy.
  • Take a deep breath before lifting. Push the air upwards, not downwards as you lift.
  • Eat 30-35 grams of fiber per day.
  • Stay hydrated. For most men, 64 ounces of water is not sufficient.



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