Exercises For Hemorrhoids

hh exercisesWhen you have hemorrhoids, exercise might be the last activity on your mind. Face it: you are sore, uncomfortable and sometimes in pain. However, exercise is extremely beneficial for hemorrhoids. Standing and sitting for extended periods of time puts strain on your rectum and can aggravate hemorrhoids. If you do not get your blood circulating, your hemorrhoids can develop painful blood clots. Here are some exercises to help control your hemorrhoids:

  1. Light cardiovascular exercise—Walking, swimming and jogging assist in circulation and blood flow as well as increase your heart rate. If your hemorrhoids are very uncomfortable, try just a few minutes of walking and add a few more minutes each day.
  2. Yoga—Stretching and strength exercises are helpful in increasing blood circulation. Try this simple exercise. Stand up straight and lift your leg up to a 90-degree angle one at a time. Alternate legs. Repeat the leg lifts for 3-10 minutes, depending on fatigue. Work your way up to longer durations as you get stronger.  To treat external hemorrhoids, stand up straight and come up onto your toes. Stretch your hands upward, bend forward and place your fingertips on the floor. This exercise strengthens your anus and helps prevent future hemorrhoids.
  3. Muscle Toning—Doing “planks” help tone the abdominals and rectal muscles. Get into a tall pushup position and hold for 30 seconds while contracting the buttock muscles. Kegels are also helpful in strengthening the pelvic floor and can be done at any time throughout the day. Whether standing, sitting or driving a car, just contract the anal muscle and hold for three seconds. Do several repetitions throughout the day (Source: Livestrong).
  4. Exercising while relaxing—Did you know you could exercise in your recliner? Put up the footrest and push down on the footrest with your legs as though you were going to close it. You can feel the pull on your anus and rectum each time you push down.

Happy Exercising!


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