Hemorrhoids and Clothing

hh_clothingHemorrhoids are uncomfortable enough, but what clothing is the most appropriate when flare-ups occur? Loose, comfortable clothing is best because it is not confining or tight. Although those snug jeans might look good on you, it is most likely that you will pay the price later.

Tight clothes do not allow air circulation, and perspiration and moisture can cause irritation and itching to your hemorrhoids. Keeping the affected area clean and dry will bring the most comfort. Tight pants do not allow the skin to get adequate ventilation and you will be prone to buildup of bacteria, debris and dead cells.

Confining clothing also may put pressure on your hemorrhoids and make them even sorer. Pants should not feel tight or restraining whether you are sitting or standing. When hemorrhoids are rubbed or experience friction, the healing process slows down.

Try some of these easy steps to choose the right kind of clothing:

  • Cotton underwear is best. Cotton is a natural fiber which is breathable, cool and unrestricting.
  • Put away those tight pants in exchange for pants that are not form-fitting.
  • Women should avoid wearing panty hose, garters or Spanx during hemorrhoid flare-ups.
  • Thongs should be avoided.
  • When choosing pants, skirts or shorts, select natural fibers instead of synthetic.

Prepping the area before dressing is also essential for optimum healing. It is important to shower daily in warm water, but not too hot. Hot water dilates the blood vessels of the rectal area and causes more blood pooling. Use unscented, mild soap and dry off thoroughly after showering. Keeping clean and dressing in breathable, natural-fiber clothing will help you feel comfortable and speed the recovery process.


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