Avocados Can Help Ease Hemorrhoids

hh_guacCinco de Mayo was just celebrated, and the goodness of your favorite celebration dip has super health benefits! Who doesn’t love guacamole? That smooth and mildly spicy condiment is not only super tasty but is also protecting you from hemorrhoids! Avocados are super-foods with amazing health benefits. Avocados are rich in anti-oxidants, molecules which attack harmful free radicals in the body.  Antioxidants prevent premature aging, reduce the risk of cancers and protect vital organs. Providing more potassium than a banana, avocados supply the body with energy and are also a good source of beta carotene. Avocados also are rich in two fat soluble vitamins, vitamins E and K. Vitamin E is essential for red blood cell formation and also aids vitamin K in coagulation (Source: Livestrong.com).

As for hemorrhoid prevention, avocados contain one gram of fiber per serving, which aids in digestion. This is about four percent of the daily recommended fiber that adults need to consume each day. Fiber assists in fecal bulking and reduces transmit time of waste. Avocados also contain phytochemicals. Phytochemicals are found in certain fruits, vegetables and grains and are believed to reduce the risk of diseases.

Having the right amount of fat in the diet is essential for hemorrhoid management. Not enough fat makes stools hard and difficult to pass. Too much fat is harmful to digestion. Avocados are one of the recommended foods for “good fats” to consume to keep stools soft. Other examples of good fats are nuts, sunflower seeds, eggs, fat fish, olive oil and canola oil.

You don’t have to relegate avocados just to your Mexican specialties. Here are a few ways to add more avocado to your diet:

  1. Use avocado instead of mayonnaise on a sandwich.
  2. Blend it into a smoothie—you won’t even taste it!
  3. Dice it into scrambled eggs.
  4. Grill it and serve it as a side dish.

(SourceBon Appetit.com)

Get creative and introduce more avocado into your meals. Savor the flavor of this subtle fruit with a powerfully nutritious punch.



Bibb Lettuce Salad with Avocado, Grapefruit and Citrus Herb Vinaigrette

Avocado Banh Mi Sliders

Tropical Alaskan Pollock with Avocado Relish


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