Four Natural Hemorrhoid Treatments

When it comes to treating hemorrhoids, there are many approaches, and this may lead to lots of questions. Which one is best? Do I try to treat them myself before going to a doctor?

If you have been experiencing discomfort from hemorrhoids for a period of time, you should make an appointment to see your doctor.  However, if you have only begun to have mild symptoms, which may not require a doctor’s care, you may want to try some natural treatments first.   

  1. Diet- Increasing water consumption and eating more fruits and vegetables will definitely soften bowel movements and help you to not strain when you use the restroom. Adding additional fiber to your diet will also help add bulk in the intestines and keep you regular.
  2. Collinsonia root—Collinsonia Root  comes from the vegetable collinsonia and can be purchased in either a liquid or a powder. It is known to reduce irritation and inflammation of rectal and anal veins, and it also helps blood flow and digestion.
  3. Witch hazel compress or cream—Witch hazel comes from the leaves and bark of a plant called Hamamelis Virginiana. It is not to be taken internally but topically. Witch hazel helps stop hemorrhoid bleeding by acting as an astringent.
  4. Butcher’s broom—Also known as knee holly, box holly and sweet broom, butcher’s broom was used in Europe to clean chopping blocks. For a long time,  butcher’s block was used to increase circulation for varicose veins and hemorrhoids. It works as an anti-inflammatory to shrink swollen tissue and is ingested in a capsule or tea form.                                                                                   (Source:

Talk to your doctor about hemorrhoid treatments!

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