National Colon Cancer Screening Day

NSDheader_0Join March Gladness!  March 8 is National Colon Cancer Screening Day for Colon Cancer Awareness.  Join the campaign for wellness and be one of 2,013 individuals to get a first colonoscopy.  If you are turning 50 this year (45 if you are African American), make an appointment to schedule a colon screening.  If colorectal cancer runs in your family, make a commitment to your health by getting an early screening.   Colonoscopy is the best method to screen for polyps, lesions and pre-cancerous growths.  

Hemorrhoids do not cause colon cancer, but did you know that hemorrhoids and colorectal cancer can have similar initial symptoms?  A study done at the Hemorrhoid Medical Clinic in 1988 showed that 90 percent of colorectal cancer patients believed they had hemorrhoids.   If you have symptoms of hemorrhoids like rectal itching or bleeding, do not just put up with the discomfort.  Schedule a colonoscopy!  It will either rule out colon cancer or it will provide the opportunity for early treatment.  Most colon cancer is treatable when diagnosed early. 

If you do not fit in the age category for a colonoscopy (age 50 and over), you can still be a part of the awareness team!  Offer to be a caregiver by taking a parent or grandparent to a colonoscopy.  Because of the medication administered during the procedure, patients are not allowed to drive home.  Being willing to drive, schedule the appointment or assist with pre-operative procedures can make you an MVP! 

Be a champ and join the March Gladness challenge.  Schedule a colonoscopy for March 8 or help someone else take an important step in their health!  You’ll be a real winner!


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