CBS Cares and Join Together for National Colon Cancer Screening Day

national colon cancer screening dayLeading up to March 8, National Colon Cancer Screening Day, CBS Cares and are teaming up for March Gladness to fight colon cancer with awareness campaigns in four major markets: Miami, Philadelphia, Seattle and Dallas.  If your in that area, be on the lookout for PSAs from some of your favorite coaches who will be talking about the importance of screening and National Colon Cancer Screening Day on March 8.

Then, on National Coon Cancer Screening Day, will “take over” the CBS websites in those areas. This partnership will result in more than two million views, promoting our mission to “Stop Colon Cancer Now” through early screenings.

If you or a loved one are 50 years or older (45 for African Americans) and you have not been screened for colon cancer, now is  the time! Schedule an appointment; it just might save your life!

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