Changing Your Diet One Forkful at a Time

The best diet advice always seems to underscore the importance of making simple, small changes in order to have lasting effects. Because many cases of hemorrhoids can be relieved with at-home treatments and lifestyle changes, such as implementing a high-fiber diet, it is important to take steps to improving your diet when you are trying to combat or prevent hemorrhoids.

According to the LiveStrong website, there are some simple, easy changes that you can make to improve your diet:

Phase out Sugary Drinks
Sodas and juices loaded with sugar, which will increase your calorie intake.

Cut down on Trans Fats
In the case of fat, no more than 56 to 78 grams per day, including no more than 16 grams of saturated fat, 2 grams of trans fat.

Sneak in a few Fruits and Veggies
Fruit and veggies pass through the digestive tract untouched by digestive enzymes, meaning they remain bulky and absorb water as they travel. The end result is a stool that’s easy to pass without straining, helping you prevent hemorrhoids.

Switch to Whole Grains
Eating high-fiber foods is great for your digestive system, and can help lessen your chances of developing colon cancer as well as other problems such as indigestion and hemorrhoids.

Add a Healthy Fat
Not all fats are created equal, and experts at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center have being working to distinguish between the good and the bad.


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