Study Shows Benefits, Drawbacks of CT Scans For Colon Cancer

patient getting ready for CT scanA recent study suggests that CT scans could be beneficial as an initial colon screening for patients who are hesitant about undergoing a colonoscopy. According to the American College of Radiology, CT scans, or virtual colonoscopies, were able to detect most large polyps, but were much less efficient in catching smaller polyps. The good news is that small polyps (under a half-inch) usually have a very low potential of becoming cancerous.

The virtual colonoscopy works to detect polyps by using a dye to distinguish fecal matter. The scan also tends to be preferable for patients because it does not require sedation. Therefore, this type of screening could be a beneficial option for anxious or reluctant first-time patients.

However, conventional colonoscopies are still the most accurate and recommended method for detecting polyps of all sizes as well as early cancer. Researchers think CT scans could be an accommodating initial option for patients, but a conventional colonoscopy is still the most comprehensive. You should always seek guidance from your physician when it comes to examining your colon for cancer. If you have any colon concerns or are over the age of 50, consider scheduling an appointment today.

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