How Exercise Can Help Prevent Hemorrhoids

exercise - lady runningDid you know that obesity is a cause of hemorrhoids? When there is excessive pressure on the lower rectum, hemorrhoids can be an unfortunate result. Therefore, weight loss and exercise may help prevent some cases of hemorrhoids.

Here are four types of exercise that may help:

  • Gluteal exercises. Working to build these muscles may help keep hemorrhoids away. Deadlifts and squats are just two common ways to work out the gluteal muscles.
  • Kegel exercises. These exercises consist of contracting your pelvic floor muscles. Performing these contractions can help strengthen muscles around the rectum, helping to prevent hemorrhoids.
  • Strength exercises.  Stretching the lower back, groin and other muscles surrounding the gluteal muscles can help lessen hemorrhoid pain. Overall improvement of flexibility and strength is an excellent way to decrease the likelihood of hemorrhoids.
  • Cardio exercise. Running, aerobics or any other cardio exercise could be key to helping you lose weight and take pressure off the rectum. If obesity is a possible cause of hemorrhoids for you, an active lifestyle may be your best step forward in aiding prevention.

If you are experiencing hemorrhoids, consult your physician for the best treatment and prevention tips.

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