Exercising As A Couple

coupleWe’ve all heard the saying “two is better than one” in reference to a task, but could it be true for exercising as well? Your digestive system, along with the rest of your body, benefits from exercise, so it’s important to find a routine that works for you. Finding motivation to workout on your own can be a challenge, but with a partner, you may be creating valuable accountability. (Here’s a good motivator: Regular exercise aids digestion, which in turn can help you avoid developing hemorrhoids.)

Here are some great ideas for working out with your significant other:

  • Sign up for a dance class. Get your cardio workout while having fun tearing up a rug with your best mate.
  • Look into group classes. Head to 6 a.m. yoga together or plan to meet for a spin class after you both get off work.
  • If you’re looking for more strength-focused regimens, take turns tossing a medicine ball or utilize a resistance band between each other for kickbacks.
  • Be active side-by-side by planning to go to the gym at the same time. Assist one another in lifting weights, or just simply be close by to offer encouragement.

Some other benefits of working out as a couple are helping each other establish your limits and safety. You may notice working out becoming more fun and engaging, while also helping you build respect and support for your partner.

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