Diet Tea May Affect Digestive Issues

teaBefore you take another sip, you might want to check your tea’s label. There are a variety of dieter’s teas out there that, although natural, can aggravate or spur your hemorrhoid issues. This is due to a reaction to certain laxative and diuretic herbs often present in diet teas.

Cascara sagrada is one laxative herb commonly found in many diet teas. Considered one of the safer natural laxatives, it has adverse risks if not taken in moderation or with consideration of other medical concerns. For example, if you suffer from a gastrointestinal disease, it could worsen your symptoms. Cramps and abdominal discomfort are also possible.

The key point here is consuming “natural” ingredients and herbs doesn’t always mean they will react beneficially or even positively with your digestive system. If you experience any cramps or discomforts when drinking a diet tea, take note of the ingredients and quit drinking it immediately.

If you’re considering or currently trying a diet tea, educate yourself on the label ingredients and always consult with your physician first to make sure you are not subjecting yourself to any health risks.


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