Socioeconomics Affect Hemorrhoid Treatment Choices

hemorrhoid treatmentIn a perfect world, everyone would be able to afford the best health care. But today many people are unable to get the treatment they need for digestive issues, including hemorrhoids, due to their socioeconomic situation – income, insurance coverage and proximity to treatment centers.

The good news is that many home remedies and over-the-counter medications are available that are easy on your wallet:

  • Sitting in a lukewarm bath
  • Alternating heat with ice
  • Using a sitz bath (a basin that sits in the toilet filled with three to four inches of warm water) several times a day
  • Wearing cotton undergarments to increase breathability
  • Using zinc oxide or petroleum jelly, as well as ointments containing 1 percent hydrocortisone, which can relieve inflammation and itching.

If hemorrhoids persist or you experience severe rectal bleeding, you should see your doctor. Several outpatient treatment options exist that do not require expensive hospital stays.


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