Fear of Embarrassment

embarrassment When it comes to discussing your health, there’s no doubt that hemorrhoids are an uncomfortable subject. Most people don’t look forward to describing the shape, look or feel of their hemorrhoids – even in the privacy of a doctor’s office. According to the Mayo Clinic, about half of adults experience anal itching, discomfort or bleeding as a result of hemorrhoids. The truth is, these problems are not uncommon.

Hemorrhoids occur for two major reasons: pregnancy or straining during bowel movements. During pregnancy, pressure increases on veins in the anus, resulting in hemorrhoids. External hemorrhoids are located around the anus, while internal hemorrhoids are located inside of the rectum. Most cases clear up on their own in several days, with the help of over-the-counter medications or creams. Sometimes, surgery may be required for hemorrhoid removal.

Don’t let embarrassment stop you from taking control of your health. Although hemorrhoids are typically mild, talk to your doctor if you have questions or concerns.

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