Taking Advantage of Women’s Health Month

Mothers, sisters, daughters – most everyone has a woman in their life that’s important to them. That’s why we celebrate National Women’s Health this month, in order to encourage our female loved ones to stay on top of their colon health. Hemorrhoids and other digestive issues affect millions of Americans. Women who stay informed have a better chance of managing, and even preventing, these health woes.

While both men and women commonly experience hemorrhoids, pregnancy can increase a woman’s chances of their development. Hormonal changes paired with increased pressure in the abdomen causes the hemorrhoids to appear. Although their presence is temporary, staying informed about hemorrhoid symptoms and treatment will bring you closer to relief.

Pregnant or not, women shouldn’t let their digestive health fall by the wayside. In honor of National Women’s Health Month, now is the time to stay on top of it and be on your way to a healthier you.

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