Preventing Polyps Differs From Avoiding Hemorrhoids

Colon Polyps Versus HemorrhoidsBecause hemorrhoids and colon polyps share similarities, it’s important to know the facts. Colon polyps rarely exhibit symptoms, but when they do, they are similar to the signs of hemorrhoids. If you experience rectal bleeding or constipation, think twice before chalking it up to hemorrhoids.

The shape and size of the growth is also relevant when deciphering between hemorrhoids and colon polyps. Though they are never cancerous, raised internal hemorrhoids are visually similar to colon polyps. However, colon polyps can appear in both flat and raised forms in the large intestine. Depending on the type and size of polyps, they have the potential to become cancerous if left alone, unlike hemorrhoids.

Puzzled by your symptoms? Make an appointment with your doctor to determine if hemorrhoids or colon polyps are at the root of your colon troubles. A colonoscopy will likely be performed, and if polyps are found, they will be removed and examined with a microscope to determine if they are pre-cancerous.

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