Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Colon Health Home RemediesSuffering from hemorrhoids? Your first response is likely to reach for the over-the-counter treatment options, such as creams, wipes and suppositories. While these remedies may help treat the symptoms, there are more natural ways you can find hemorrhoid relief through these home remedies:

  • Feast on fiber. Foods that contain fiber, such as fruits, veggies, whole grains and beans, pass through the digestive tract untouched by digestive enzymes, meaning they remain bulky and absorb water as they travel. The end result is a stool that’s easy to pass without straining, helping you prevent hemorrhoids.
  • Drink up. Water helps keep your digestive system moving and functioning efficiently, which may help prevent hemorrhoids from developing.
  • Take a hike. You don’t need to literally take a hike, but regular exercise will help your digestive system stay regular.
  • Sit softly. Sitting for long periods of time on a seat that puts too much pressure on your bottom can lead to hemorrhoids. Try a donut-shaped cushion that takes the pressure off your derriere, and remember to get up and walk around regularly.
  • Take a warm bath. If hemorrhoids do develop, soaking your bottom in warm water can provide relief.

If these home remedies don’t do the trick, talk to a doctor at a treatment center near you.

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