Chia Seeds: How They Prevent Hemorrhoids

Chia Seeds and Colon HealthWe all know that fiber does wonders in hemorrhoid prevention and aiding in digestion. So, what’s the latest trend in fibrous foods? The chia seed – a whole grain that originated in Mexico and South America – have been popping up in grocery stores recently, and for a good reason.

Along with high amounts of omega fatty acids, chia seeds also contain a great deal of fiber. At 11 grams of fiber per ounce, chia seeds provide almost 40 percent of the recommended fiber intake in only one serving. They also pack a high amount of protein, keeping you fuller for longer. While the taste is somewhat bland, they can be discretely added to foods like potato chips, granola, bread and yogurt.

Whether you’re trying to prevent hemorrhoid or treating a current outbreak, a high fiber diet is crucial to keep things moving. Keep your pantry full of fibrous items to increase overall digestive health and keep hemorrhoids at bay.

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