Tired of Hemorrhoids? Try Changing Your Diet

Change Your Diet to Keep Colon HealthyUnsure of what to eat when you have hemorrhoids? While there is no guarantee for hemorrhoid elimination, there are dietary changes you can make to prevent or reduce the likelihood of their return.

Fruits and vegetables. In addition to providing plenty of nutrients, many fruits and vegetables contain fiber that aids digestion. Try adding fiber-rich items like raspberries, pears, broccoli and peas to your usual diet routine.

Whole grains. Dishes like steel-cut oatmeal and brown rice will help you reach your daily fiber intake, which should be between 21 to 38 grams depending on your gender. Whole grains contain the entire grain, keeping all of the original protein and fiber.

Water. By acting as a stool softener, water is guaranteed to keep things moving. Replacing your morning cup of coffee or afternoon soft drink with a glass of water will help you reach the recommended eight glasses a day. If you don’t like the taste of water, try a low-calorie drink mix like Crystal Light to help increase your intake.

In addition to dietary changes, moderate exercise can also help when you’re experiencing hemorrhoids. Avoid vigorous exercises that cause exertion or straining, such as weight lifting. Instead, try low-impact cardio activities, such as walking, that are just as beneficial.

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