Aging Can Up Your Risk For Hemorrhoids

Aging and Colon HealthWhile it’s true that about half of us have dealt with hemorrhoids by the time we’re 50, what about ages 51 and beyond? Unfortunately, the risks go up just as the candles on our birthday cakes multiply.

Why is this? In large part it’s because as we age, our connective tissue becomes weaker. That’s definitely true of the tissues that connect the rectum and the anus, where hemorrhoids form. As those become thinner with the passing years, they are susceptible to developing hemorrhoids.

All isn’t lost, however. The same healthy-living practices that lower our risks of hemorrhoids during the first 50 years of our life work just fine in the second 50. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables helps the digestive system work smoothly. That, in turn, means less stress and strain during bowel movements, a major cause of hemorrhoid development.

And if you do develop hemorrhoids, remember that that there are many home treatments that you can use to lessen the pain, as well as surgical options. Consult your doctor if you’ve developed hemorrhoids, and you’ll have a plan of action in no time. If you don’t have a primary care physician, click here to find a treatment center near you.

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