Hemorrhoids & Heartburn: Is There A Connection?

Connection Between Hemorrhoids and HeartburnHeartburn is never any fun, but if you don’t give it the time and attention it deserves, it could turn back up on the backside of the digestive process in the form of hemorrhoids.

Treating heartburn properly is just as important as recognizing the condition, however. If you find that jalapeno nachos are more trouble than they’re worth, then cut them out of your diet. The same goes with any other food that causes acid reflux every time you eat it. And eat earlier in the evening, other than right before bed, and see if that helps. You’ll find that exercising some up-front control can not only help you relieve heartburn pain, but can also possibly help you get rid of hemorrhoids faster or prevent them from developing in the first place.

There are also specific, over-the-counter drugs for heartburn, just as there are for hemorrhoids. They work well for most people, but it’s never a bad idea to speak with your physician and describe your systems. That way, he or she can give you some input on which of these medications might work best for your specific symptoms, and also recommend an office visit if something sounds like it needs more careful examination. Either way, you’ll be certain that what you’re taking to keep your tummy under control won’t end up causing problems at the other end of your digestive system.

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