Changing Behaviors Can Help Reduce Risk of Hemorrhoids

Overeating Causes Hemorrhoids and Colon IssuesWe hear it all the time: If you want to avoid hemorrhoids, pay attention to diet and exercise. But overdoing the good stuff could also lead hemorrhoids.

Many people might only consider themselves overeaters only when indulging on unhealthy, junk food. But, even a plate filled with the most nutritious foods can be harmful if eaten in abundance, causing all sorts of digestive chaos. Long story short: extra food means that the entire digestive system is working harder than it should, which could lead to constipation to diarrhea, both of which significantly raises one’s risk of developing hemorrhoids.

It’s important to make sure that you’re eating reasonable portions, at the right time of day, to maintain optimum digestive health. Not eating a large, heavy meal late at night, for instance, helps both your digestion process and your sleep. For that matter, heavy meals at any time of the day are a dietary “don’t” because they slow down and throw off the entire digestive process.

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