What You Eat Affects Hemorrhoid Development — Or Lack Thereof

eat fruits and vegetables to avoid hemorrhoidsChalk up another reason to maintain a healthy diet: avoiding hemorrhoids!

If your idea of nutritional balance is offsetting three candy bars with a diet soda, you’re just asking for trouble when it comes to digestion. And that means, down the road, you’re more likely to develop hemorrhoids.

An unhealthy diet can lead to constipation, and the straining and stretching associated with that state often lead to hemorrhoid development. On the flip side, you may have a problem with diarrhea, which also can up your risk of getting hemorrhoids.

While there’s no guaranteed way to avoid hemorrhoids, watching what you eat can certainly help. A diet high in fruits, vegetables and fiber, along with plenty of water, will give you a smooth digestion process and a healthy, pain-free bowel movement. What’s more, it’ll certainly make you feel and look better than the junk-food-filled alternative.

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