Pushing Away From The Table Can Help Avoid Hemorrhoids

Woman eating appleNeed another reason to lose weight? How about avoiding hemorrhoids?

If you’re eating more than you should, you’re causing all sorts of chaos in your body. The digestive system has to work harder, and work more consistently, because of the extra food it has to process. That, in turn, means that your body is producing more waste, which makes your lower intestine and sphincter do their job more often than they should.

Now throw in the constipation and/or diarrhea that such gastric excess can cause, and you’ve got a situation tailor made for hemorrhoids. But with some restraint at the dinner table, it’s a situation that’s avoidable.

In addition to the health benefits of eating the right kinds of food in the right amounts, think of the pain and suffering you can avoid. If your digestive system isn’t overworked, your chance of developing hemorrhoids is going to decrease as well. And if you already have them, your situation can only improve. Happy news all around!

Getting on the right dietary path isn’t easy, so see your physician if you need some help. And if you’re suffering from hemorrhoids, your doctor can also help you get started on taking care of that problem.

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