Moderate Exercise Can Help Heal Hemorrhoids

Couple bikingIf you’re suffering from hemorrhoids you’ll do anything to keep from making them worse. But if you think exercise is a problem, think again.

As with most everything else in life, the key here is moderation. Don’t overdo any exercise regimen, as you run the risk of pulls, strains or worse. And when it comes to hemorrhoids, be sure you’re doing the right kind of exercise.

For example, stay away from weight training or anything that produces a lot of downward abdominal pressure. Stick with aerobic exercise like walking, swimming, yoga or running – nothing that pushes down on your abdomen.

And if you’re not having hemorrhoid problems, why not be proactive about staying free of them? The buttocks press, where you just contract and expand your buttocks muscles, is a great way to keep the sphincter area stronger. Even better, you can do this one anywhere, any time, so while you’re on your morning commute, sneak in a little exercise.

If you are in treatment for hemorrhoids, be sure to talk about any and all exercise plans with your physician. He or she can give the thumbs up or down, and may also have some alternative suggestions to keep you moving as well.

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