Hemorrhoid Treatments Vary, So Explore Your Options

Couple using computerIf you’ve decided to do something about a hemorrhoid problem in 2012, good for you! There are plenty of options for treatment and removal, so now’s a great time to dig into the facts and see what’s right for you.

Here’s some good news right off the bat: for many people, getting rid of hemorrhoid symptoms only means some changes in diet and other habits.  Increase your intake of fruits, vegetables and fiber, and be sure to drink plenty of water every day. Get plenty of exercise, including getting up and moving around if you’ve got a desk job that keeps you sitting all day.

When it’s time to go to the bathroom, don’t hold it in. At the same time, when you’re there, don’t strain to pass stool or hold your breath as this can affect blood flow to the sphincter area.

There are also many over-the-counter medications and creams available, as well as prescription drugs, that your physician can recommend. But if the problem has gotten so bad that you need to take stronger measures, know that there are options to explore. Ask your physician about:

  • Rubber band ligation, a procedure that ties off the hemorrhoid to stop blood flow and eventually causing it to fall off.
  • Coagulation therapy, which uses heat, lasers or an electric current to create scar tissue and thus eliminate the hemorrhoid.
  • Sclerotherapy, where a chemical solution is injected into the hemorrhoid to shrink it.
  • Hemorrhoidectomy, which is the surgical removal of the hemorrhoids themselves.

Everyone’s case is different, but researching your options before seeing the doctor is a great way to be ready to ask all the right questions. Together you can create a successful strategy for getting the problem taken care of quickly and efficiently.

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