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Back Up Your Medicine Cabinet For Hemorrhoid Relief

Plenty of us (a few million, to be exact) are going to deal with hemorrhoids at some point in our lives. And while there’s no shortage of products on the market to help make us feel better, sometimes we’re doing more harm than good. For instance, if you’re having your first bout of hemorrhoids, there are plenty of creams and … Continue reading »

Don’t Be A Statistic: Easy Ways to Prevent Hemorrhoids

Usually when half of us have had a common experience, we will talk about it. That’s certainly not the case with hemorrhoids, however. Yep, at least 50 percent of all Americans have had hemorrhoids by the time they turn 50. But because we may not understand how we’ve gotten them, we’re often unsure how to prevent a recurrence or, better … Continue reading »

March Is Colon Cancer Awareness Month

Celebrating colon cancer awareness in March might not be on the top of your list of things to do, but the conditions that your hemorrhoids stem from might also be increasing your chances for colon cancer. While you might think that hemorrhoids are the only condition stemming from your obesity or sedentary lifestyle, you could be mistaken. Obesity and a … Continue reading »

How to Help Family Members Schedule, Receive A Colonoscopy

If you’ve been after a friend or loved one to do something about a first-time or recurrent hemorrhoid problem, don’t think your job is done once they’ve made their doctor’s appointment. There are a few things to keep in mind to help you be a supportive coach during the entire process. Before the doctor’s visit, for instance, you can help … Continue reading »

Diagnosing Hemorrhoids At Home: A Symptoms Checklist

If you’ve ever had hemorrhoids, you may know that they can burn and itch, but not much else. In case you haven’t experienced those specific symptoms,here are a few more that will help you give yourself a more accurate diagnosis: Do you have burning, itching or irritation in the anal area? Is there bright red blood on the toilet tissue, … Continue reading »

African Americans Should Stay Alert to Hemorrhoid Risks

While hemorrhoids don’t respect racial boundaries, they are of special concern to African Americans due to conditions and diseases that are prevalent in this community. Anything that disrupts a smooth and regular digestive process can lead to erratic bowel movements and the development of hemorrhoids. One major issue in this regard is lactose intolerance, or the inability to properly digest … Continue reading »

Monitor Your Use of OTC Remedies For Best Results

There’s not much of a bright side when it comes to dealing with hemorrhoids, but at least there are remedies readily available at your local pharmacy. The best over-the-counter (OTC) treatments protect the skin, so try using topical creams that contain zinc oxide or petroleum jelly. Other good ointments to try contain one percent hydrocortisone, which can relieve inflammation and … Continue reading »

Understanding The Differences Between Polyps & Hemorrhoids

When someone has a colonoscopy, one thing the specialist is looking for is the presence of polyps. But what are they, and why are they a potential problem? Polyps are growths in the inside of the large intestine. They can be raised or flat, and tend to grow in people over age 50, or in those who have a personal … Continue reading »

Welcome to HemHealing.com, Your Source For Hemorrhoid Relief

At some point in their lives, more than half of the U.S. population will have dealt with hemorrhoids. If you are doing so now, don’t suffer in silence. Hemorrhoids, while they can be embarrassing and uncomfortable, are not uncommon. In fact, they can affect just about anyone, and about half of all people have experienced hemorrhoids by the time they … Continue reading »

Experience The Freedom of A No-Hemorrhoid Life

Whether you’re suffering from hemorrhoids now, or have had them in the past, you know one thing: it’s a constant presence in your life. Every time you sit down to eat your favorite spicy meal, or maybe indulge in fried food or something less than healthy, you know there’ll be a price to pay when it’s time for a bowel … Continue reading »

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