No Guts, No Glory

Your gut may be good for instincts, but it may also be an indicator of poor digestive health. Dr. Steven Lamm’s new book “No Guts, No Glory” expands on this idea by providing insight and solutions to boost your digestive health. Along the way, you may lessen your chances of developing hemorrhoids.

Dr. Lamm believes “No Guts, No Glory” hitting Amazon’s bestseller list has less to do with its publicity on “The View” and more to do with the fact that 90 to 100 million Americans have digestive concerns. In his book, Dr. Lamm discusses how addressing these can be the key to whole body wellness. He notes in an interview that medical issues such as heart disease and even Alzheimer’s can be prevented through improved gut health.

In order to increase your personal wellness, lifestyle changes are key. Dr. Lamm suggests implementing simple habits such as eating slowly and making sure half your meals are comprised of veggies and fruit. He also recommends subtracting saturated fats and red meats and adding in digestive enzymes to your daily diet. More great tips can be found on his website.

Remember, you can trust a healthy gut. Simple lifestyle changes could be key to getting your digestive system and overall wellness back on track. If you have been having some digestive troubles and have developed hemorrhoids, don’t despair. There are plenty of at-home remedies that should help improve things, and there also are surgical options that your doctor can review with you as well.

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